PhotoLand 360 video booth

Budget 2023


If you are reading this it means that you want to know us a little bit better and we are very grateful for that. ♡

In the following sections, you will find all the necessary information so that in the end we are no longer just strangers, but professionals whom you can trust for the entertainment of your guests (and yours, of course!).

We advise you to read in detail all the information included here in order to fully understand the service.


Premium 360

  • 4 hours of animation
  • 4 Queue poles
  • Red carpet
  • Funny props
  • Unlimited videos
  • VIdeos with high resolution
  • Customization of frames and branding
  • Professional staff members
  • Sending all videos after the event in digital format
  • Assembly one hour in advance and disassembly

* The minimum space required: 4m x 4m for assembly + access to electrical current within 5m or less from the video booth 360.

* An additional payment of 60€ for (EXTRA) hour of activity or part of it, up to 1:00 AM.

* After 1:00 AM, we charge 100€ for each additional hour.

We added quality that cannot be found anywhere else.


The cost of our photo booth already includes travel within a radius of up to 50km from Estoril.

Events outside the covered area are subject to additional travel costs, calculated as follows:

€0.40x total km (round trip) = travel costs

The value of €0.40/km extra already includes tolls.

In these cases, the customer pays only the excess over the 50Km already included in the pack.

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