Birthday Party photobooth

Photobooth for a birthdays party

Another year has passed and you are organizing a birthday celebration and thinking about how to surprise your dears this year? That’s exactly why we have a photobooth for birthdays that gives a special and original gift to all guests, an attraction for especially happy events that will provide you and your guests an experience that no one will forget! Our photobooth can be activated with a simple click. The image comes out on the spot in a few seconds! It’s always nice to have fun with cool accessories such as colored glasses, toy guns, confetti, and a variety of happy costumes. Our photo booth is the most unique and appropriate choice of all. More modern, and innovative, with different image styles. This is how you can give the birthday celebrant an amazing gift, one he will never forget.

Birthday attraction – celebrate at any age

Whether it is an event for a grandfather’s 80th birthday, a party for a newborn grandchild, or any other celebration, PhotoLand photo booth provides an experience that cannot be found anywhere else and is suitable for all ages. From toddlers to adults, everyone will be happy to be photographed at the birthday party, especially when it comes with a professional DSLR camera, which also allows many options for souvenirs from the event: GIF, boomerang, greeting videos, background screen, strip image, filters and this is only the tip of the iceberg of what our photo booth is capable of! Souvenirs that are really fun to watch time after time again and of course to share with friends.

Photobooth attractions for joyful once-a-year events

There is nothing like surprising and making your loved ones really happy when they celebrate a birthday. Instead of breaking your head over what to buy for them this year or how to surprise them, give them the opportunity to rejoice and celebrate in a unique way – and receive professional and high-quality documentation of the celebration. Whether it is a large party of tens or hundreds of guests or an intimate celebration to which only the best friends are invited. The photobooth for events by PhotoLand is the best way to celebrate!

Photobooth for birthdays - your guests become stars with you

Are you celebrating a joint birthday party for you and some friends? Are you looking for a special event attraction that no one has seen before at any party? Order from us, an innovative photobooth where each and every one of the guests will be able to feel like a real star…because all you need on your birthday is to drink a little and have fun with friends and family.

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