I Mini - an attraction that will make your guests cringe!

I Mini figurines

“I Mini” is an original photo animation in which your guests receive a personal figurine on a wooden stand with a personal branding engraving on the wood of your choice.

We created “I Mini” in order to give your guests the most personal, stylish, and special souvenir there is.

Themselves – Just in Mini!

So how does the magic happen?

The guests are photographed in a stationary photo booth with a green screen or a white screen and a lovely photographer who is just waiting to photograph your guests!

The station is open for photography from the moment the event opens to welcome the guests until the pre-defined time period according to the photography packages we offer.

At the end of the shoot, we will distribute the figurines in a central location on our bright (and beautiful) distribution stand.

We want you to know

Our figurines are made of a magnet and a branded wooden base and the form of serving is that of a figurine.

At guests’ disposal, I Mini can also be used as a refrigerator and door magnet (OMG how cool!)

As long as the “station” is open, we take unlimited photos!

We will photograph your guests regardless of the number of guests and without any limitation on the number of times guests can be photographed. We really reiterated that our message will be delivered in the clearest way possible!

The photo operation takes a few seconds, so you don’t have to worry about “queues that will form”. Click and we’re done.

*Depending on the package selected

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