360 Video Booth

A 360 video booth that will make the event unforgettable

Looking for an animation for events that no one has seen yet? Are you organizing an event and want to give your guests a truly special experience? The 360 video booth of PhotoLand is exactly what you are looking for: it is a stage with a luxurious look, on which you can dance and have fun just like a mini dance floor, while a camera records everything that happens on the stage from all directions. You can create an elaborate and designed video in a few seconds, which can be viewed at the event itself and shared on social networks!

Slow motion 360 video booth for special events

The safety stage of our 360 video booth can carry up to 400 kilograms without any problem, which usually allows three and sometimes four participants to participate in the attraction at the same time. The stage is stable and stationary, while the camera rotates 360 degrees and records everything that happens on the stage, from all directions.

An innovative 360 video booth that allows you to design and edit the videos you create

You create your own celebration! Would you like to upgrade the unique experience of our 360 video booth? You can add entertaining accessories to the time you are on stage, which will give the participants an even more joyful experience. You can choose from a wide variety of our special accessories such as: funny costumes, giant glasses and other accessories that can make your video unique and designed, just the way you want. In addition, you can edit the video and add effects to the video you created.

There isn't a guest who wouldn't want to participate - Animation for events that make the audience jump

In a world where everyone records themselves 24 hours a day, there is nothing like a professional 360 video booth that does it in a quality way. Is the video ready? Now you can scan it with a QR code, send it to your email, or in a text message and share it anywhere possible so that everyone can see how much fun you had – the 360 photo booth gives you a lifetime memory that you can also share with your friends with a click.

Videos examples

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