Social Event Photobooth

As managers, you want your employees to be cohesive and leave the work environment for a moment, therefore the next company event you organize must be special!

Our photobooth is especially suitable for Social events & business events such as: new product launches or a company party that will allow your employees to leave the office for a moment and feel like they are in another world, where they are the stars!

Photobooth for corporate event and brand activation, how does it work?

Have you found the event hall where you can celebrate your company event? Excellent! We will arrive an hour before the event’s start and place our photobooth wherever you choose – at the reception, on the dance floor, or wherever you feel like it! The guests arrive (individually, in pairs, or in groups), you are invited to combine cool accessories such as colored glasses, toy guns, and a variety of happy and amusing costumes. After it activates the photobooth with a simple click. The image comes out on the spot in just a few seconds! PhotoLand guarantees that the guests will enjoy unlimited photos throughout the event.

Choose the right attraction for your company event

Our photo booth is the perfect experience for any party. Conferences at work, social events, product launches, and parties of all kinds. Choose the attraction that will really make you happy at the event, and leave everyone with a sweet memory of the celebration that will stay with them forever.

Photobooth for new product launches and brand activation

If you have a new store that you just opened or a new product that you are marketing to the public, with the help of our photobooth we will assist you to attract the customers passing by your store or product. You probably are asking yourself how this happens?

  • Branding the photobooth according to the company’s concept
  • Graphic design for printed images
  • Saving all emails in the cloud
  • Sharing photos and videos on social networks

          and more……

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